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Projects - Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is a mod for Quake III Arena, with a wide range of rocket based weapons. I was the lead programmer for this mod.

Basically, instead of being able to carry every weapon, as in standard Quake III Arena, we changed the game so that you now have three weapon slots. Various rune pickups around the map allow you to replace the weapon you have equipped in a slot with another weapon. In your melee slot, you start off with a normal punch, but can gain weapons such as a slower more damaging punch, or a kamikaze attack. In your missle slot, you start off with a dual barrel missle shotgun, but can get weapons like The Screamer (a high speed, slightly homing sniper like missle weapon) or the Orange Blossom (which shoots off a hemisphere of missiles all around you). In your rocket slot, you start with a basic rocket launcher, but can upgrade to weapons such as Death From Above, which shots a rocket straight up, that quickly locks on and homes in on the nearest target. These weapons (and others) along with some changes (such as the fact that rockets are destructable) make for an exciting fast paced variation of the normal Quake III game.