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AR Schleicher

Thanks for stopping by! My name is AR Schleicher.

I'm currently a programmer at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment in Mesa, AZ, where I'm working on Stargate Worlds.

Before that, I was a Multiplayer Programmer at Activision / Treyarch in Santa Monica, CA, where I worked on the upcoming James Bond title, Quantum of Solace.

I used to work for Sigil Games in Carlsbad, CA on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. At release my character, Jerrithorn was the first character run by an employee to reach level 50. (Overall on the server, I was the 2nd bard, and 13th player of any class.)

Before that, I was working for NCsoft, in Austin, TX.

In Dec'04, I obtained a certificate in Software Development for Digital Games at The Guildhall @ SMU, in Plano, TX.

I've played a number of multiplayer online games over the years, going mainly by the name "Jerrith". In Everquest, I was a 65th level Cleric on the Veehsan server. On Ultima Online, I played characters named Jerrith on both Great Lakes and Sonoma. In The Realm, I was a GM / Implementor character named Jerrith for quite awhile. I've also been a guide in Everquest (Palius on Xegony), and a counselor ("Jerrith") and seer ("Stephen") on Ultima Online. I also used to spend a bunch of time playing Savage, by S2 Games, and I've created a few maps and a mod for it. Last year, I was playing the EverQuest II beta. Most recently, I was active playing Guild Wars.

I first came up with the name while trying to think of a new fantasy character name years and years ago for The Shadows of Yserbius, a multiplayer game on The Sierra Network (later the Imagination Network), and have used it as my primary online character ever since.

I've also worked on a bunch of various projects over the years. A few of them are:

  • Savage Maps: uphillbattle, alliancelost, and rockcanyon
  • Auto Approve Configuration, a mod for Savage
  • Rocket Fuel, a mod for Quake 3
  • Dybbuk, a fps game based on the Sin (Quake 2) engine
  • Jerrithian, a multiplayer 2d side scrolling space shooter demo
  • EQOALog, a packet logger and statistic generator for Everquest Online Adventures
  • UOIT, UO Interest Tool, a packet modification tool for seers to help run events.
  • UOX, an Ultima Online Server Emulator
  • and much more...

Check out the projects section of my site for more details.

More to come later, thanks for stopping by my site! :)