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I was the lead programmer on EQOALog, a tool for logging EverQuest Online Adventures client connections while I worked at Sandium. EQOA is the Playstation 2 version of EverQuest. This program allowed users to log and display text that was appearing in game on their PC. In addition, it displayed the contents of their Friends and Guild lists, updating them in real time and providing sort functionality that was lacking in the game. There was also a function that allowed you to put your guild list up on a website, showing who was online, in real time. Beyond this it also had the ability to parse the amount of damage being dealt by the player and monsters, and generate averages based on that information.

No functionality was created that allowed anyone to cheat or gain an unfair advantage. The most advanced feature, generating damage per second averages is something anyone with a pen, paper and stopwatch could do. Sony however requested that we stop distributing the program, and Sandium did comply. EQOALog is no longer available via any legal means. The number of people who purchased the program before distribution stopped was somewhere in the double digits (under 100).

Interestingly, I still get a few emails about this program every month, from people looking to obtain it or duplicate it. I no longer play EQOA and do not know of anyone who has created a similar program since EQOALog was made.

Those looking for more information about EQOALog can access the old site via the Wayback machine at http://web.archive.org/web/20030223211517/http://www.eqoalog.com/